The effort to open a dog park in the FPSE neighborhood began in 2012 when a group of local residents formed a committee dedicated to creating an urban green space for residents to exercise their dogs and socialize with neighbors. After several years of fundraising, scouting out locations, and endless amounts of paperwork, we are proud to finally be able to offer this amenity to our neighbors, not just in Forest Park Southeast but also in surrounding areas including the Central West End, Tower Grove South and East, Shaw, Dogtown, the Hill and Southwest Garden. While many community organizations and residents helped make the FPSE Dog Park a reality, we would like to recognize The Watering Bowl as a Founding Sponsor and thank them for their continued support of the dog park. Apart from providing a space for dogs and their owners to play, we hope that the dog park will help foster a sense of community and make our neighborhood an even better place to live.

About the park

Forest Park Southeast Dog Park is a fenced 1/2 acre off-leash area in Chouteau Park, at the intersection of Newstead and Chouteau Avenues in the Forest Park Southeast (FPSE) neighborhood. The park features a double-gated entry area, 3" fence spacing to accomodate both large and small dogs, a water station for humans and dogs, and waste pickup/disposal stations. In order to provide the safest play environment for our canine and human friends, the dog park is membership-only and requires proof of vaccinations. In addition, charging membership fees will allow us to adequately maintain the grounds and equipment and to add more features such as permanent seating in the future. Please see the "Join" page for detailed membership information.

Looking to Volunteer?

The FPSE Dog Park would not be possible without the help of some pretty sweet volunteers and their contributions. We need volunteers to help with fundraising, events, and to attend development committee meetings. We can never have too much help! If you're interested in volunteering, please fill out the contact form and we'll contact you as soon as we need a hand (or paw)!